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Soup, Salad & Sandwich Lunch Special
Your choice of soup or salad and any sandwich. Includes a can of soda.
Super Savings! - Use a promo code and save even more! See below for what may be available.
Promo Code 20%OFF
Receive 20% OFF any order of $50 or more. Enter 20%OFF in the promo code box upon check out.
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Buffalo Wings
6 delicious wings-- Your choice of mild, medium, spicy, or super HOT
Chips served with melted zesty cheese
Fried Mozzarella
Good ol' cheese sticks
Shrimp Cocktail
Served with our famous cocktail sauce
Onion Rings
Crispy and yummy!
Chicken Tenders
Crispy golden chicken tenders that are sure to be a hit!
Cajun Shrimp
Plump shrimp straight from the bayou
Fried Zucchini
Crunchy buttered zucchini
Lemon Pepper Shrimp
Smothered in our homemade lemon pepper sauce
Delicious cheesy tortillas
Stuffed Jalapeno
If you like it Hot, you'll love our Stuffed Jalapenos
Potato Skins
The best alternative to fries ever!
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Soups & Salads
French Onion
Beef broth, croutons, cheese, and onions make this one of our best sellers
Cup $2.95 | Bowl $4.95
Clam Chowder
Straight from New England
Cup $2.95 | Bowl $4.95
Vegetarian Deluxe Soup
Cooked from scratch every day using our best vegetables
Cup $2.95 | Bowl $4.95
Today's Soup
Get a cup or bowl of our soup du jour
Cup $2.95 | Bowl $4.95
Garden Salad
Fresh Veggies with your choice of dressings
Taco Salad
Ground beef, sour cream, guacomole, cheese, and tomatoes on top of a bed of lettuce
Chicken Supreme Salad
Tasty strips of chicken on a bed of lettuce
Chef's Salad
Hard-cooked eggs, strips of ham, roast beef, chicken, and cheese placed upon a bed of tossed salad greens
Tuna Salad
Our great zesty tuna served on spinach leaves
Greek Salad
Chopped tomato, cucumber, bell pepper and red onion, seasoned with salt, black pepper, and oregano and dressed with olive oil
Pasta Salad
Macaroni pasta served with onions, broccoli, baby corn, and more
Potato Salad
Made with baby potatoes, cooked in their jackets and left whole
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Slice of Today's Pizza
Get a giant slice of our specialty pizza of the day
Custom Pizza
Pick and choose your favorite toppings. Guaranteed to be served hot and fresh!
Small $4.95 | Medium $7.95 | Large $9.95 | Extra Large $12.95
Pepperoni Lovers
Our famous pizza topped with heaping piles of pepperoni.
Sausage Lovers
Like sausage? You'll LOVE our sausage lover's pizza
Vegetarian Deluxe
Onion, green pepper, broccoli, tomato, and zucchini.
Small $6.95 | Medium $9.95 | Large $12.95 | Extra Large $15.95
Hawaiian Deluxe
A cheese and tomato base topped with delicious bits of ham and pineapple.
Small $9.95 | Medium $12.95 | Large $16.95 | Extra Large $19.95
Meat Lovers
All your favorite meats! Sausage, hamburger, pepperoni, and chicken.
Small $12.95 | Medium $16.95 | Large $19.95 | Extra Large $22.95
Everything Combo
Just about everything but the kitchen sink!
BYO Pizza
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Chicken Fillet Sandwich
Boneless, skinless, grilled chicken fillet sandwich
BBQ Chicken Sandwich
Somewhat Spicy
Tuna Melt Sandwich
We start with our great zesty tuna, add cheese, and grill to perfection
French Dip Sandwich
Thinly sliced roast beef on a French roll. Served with au jus.
Crab Cake Sandwich
Our tasty crab meat patty cooked with breadcrumbs, milk, eggs, onions and seasonings
Steak Cheese Sandwich
The Philly! Thinly sliced pieces of steak and melted cheese on a long roll topped with green peppers and onions
Caesar Sandwich
Take a Caesar salad, put it on a bun, get our tasty Caesar sandwich!
Roast Beef Sandwich
Thinly sliced roast beef served on a bun
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Supreme Hamburger
Our great burger with all the works!
Cheese Burger
Start with our tasty burger patty, add cheese, cooked the way you like it
Bacon Sourdough
Our great burger topped with bacon and served on a sourdough bread roll
Chili Cheese Burger
Our burger topped with tasty spicy chili
Fish Fillet Burger
A crispy fresh fish fillet sandwich
Spicy Chicken Burger
Zesty spicy chicken sandwich
Double Cheese Burger
Same as our tasty cheeseburger, only double!
Vegetarian Burger
Morningstar veggie patty on a bun, served with your choice of sides
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BBQ Ribs
Delicious pork BBQ ribs. Served with your choice of sides.
Roasted Chicken
Oven roasted chicken cooked to perfection. Served with a tasty choice of sides.
Californian Platter
Everything you love about the California Platter but better!
Spiced Pork Chops
Straight from our grill to you
New York Steak
Great New York Strip Steak, served with your choice of sides
Filet Mignon
Tender, delicious meat, cooked anyway you like
Prime Rib
Only the best!
Crab Clusters
Fresh crab meat served in a cluster
Seafood Combo
Fresh lobster, fish fillets, scallops, king crab, clams, and smoked seafood
Fried Shrimp
Giant mouth-watering golden fried shrimp served with dipping sauce
Shrimp Scampi
Shrimp served in garlic butter and dry white wine with bread
Main Lobster
Lobster flown in fresh from Maine
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Pasta Primavera
Broccoli, carrots, peas, onions, and green bell peppers, with tomatoes served over a bed of pasta
Marinara Linguini
Linguini smothered in marinara sauce
Alternative layers of pasta, cheese, meat, and broccoli
Sausage Linguini
Linguini served with our tasty spicy sausage links
Stuffed Ravioli
Huge serving of ravioli stuffed with our homemade filling
Meatball Linguini
Linguini served with 3 of our giant homemade meatballs
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Baked Potato
Topped with sour cream and your choice of cheese or chives
French Fries
Our large steak fries are a great compliment to any meal
Cole Slaw
Good old fashioned slaw
Spiced Beans
Spiced baked beans
Steamed Vegetables
Broccoli, carrots, zucchini, and onions make this side dish a real treat!
Mashed Potato
Just like grandma used to make 'em
Side Salad
Small garden salad served with your choice of dressings
Gourmet Muffins
2 large muffins
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Kids Menu - All kids items include fries
Kids Hamburger
Grilled Cheese
Hot Dog
Chicken Fingers
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Chocolate Cake
Rich and moist. Made with our own special recipe.
Strawberry Short Cake
Made with real strawberries
Cheese Cake
Its really good. You won't regret it!
Rich vanilla ice cream topped with chocolate sauce
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